American Road

American Road



The American Road winds across the historical, cultural, and musical landscape of this big country. Like hot spices in a stew pot of rhythms, melodies, and lyrics from the cultural blood of black slaves, European immigrants, and Latinos, the vibrant, pulsing soul of America is in her music. The road curves down the lonely hollows in the hills of the Appalachians, stops at gin-soaked roadhouses and funky bars as likely to burst with violence as well as sex, pauses at the doors of churches full of gospel choirs seeking repentance, drives by t-shirt shops selling UFO memorabilia, county courthouses where injustice lives, past houses of poor people, rich people, and people with only tonight’s bottle to live for. The Road tells of promise and hope and failure and ruin.  

The American Road is dirt, it is paved, 

It is curved, it is straight. 

Sometimes it’s a road where freedom walks, 

Sometimes it ends at a burning cross    

The American Road is telecasters and little amps, it’s mandolins, accordions, drums, and bass. It’s a Hammond B-3, all stops. It’s boogie-woogie piano. It’s three part harmonies. It’s bluegrass, it’s blues, it’s western music, it’s honky-tonk, it’s the voices of the roots of American music all wailing together in high spirits on a Saturday night. It is music we all know in our bodies and souls.    

The American Road is our voice, it is our music. It tells of the desert, of the city, of the fields and farms, of lonely souls and hot lovers. We are all the American Road. This is our music.

American Road

Rollin' down the American Road, with visual help from some of America's greatest artists. There is a strong tie that binds American art with American music, as both have grown from the same roots of shared experience.

My Home Town

Sometimes you don't leave your home town; it leaves you. Lorin Rowan slide guitar, Buddy Woodward mandolin, Alex Call vocals

Mama Your Shirt's Too Tight

American Road loves American Art. Great paintings . 

The Ballad of Lincoln & Monroe

Who is more iconic of America than Abe Lincoln & Marilyn Monroe? Imagine these two as a muscle guy for a Hollywood mobster of the 50's and a struggling model/ waitress yearning for love. They meet on the Sunset Strip. Can their destinies be altered by changing their locations? American Road theorists say listen to the song....

Somewhere in America

Featuring Buddy Woodward and Lorin Rowan solos. Co-written with James Dean Hicks. 

Apocalypse Hotel

Not ready for the final destination on the American Road?

Rich Man

He's rich, are you the reason he is? 

Santa Fe

An old Clover song I rewrote for American Road.~ Alex Call

Circle of Friends

Lorin's idea with Alex contribution

Main Street

a place called community

Life You Gotta Love It

it'll make you wanna kick the bucket, it'll makes you wanna scream, ah, ! You can't beat it, so why fight gotta love it

This Life

We are one time travelers on this endless highway. Love life, it won't come your way again!

Alex Call

Alex Call



Alex Call, probably best known as the songwriter of the mega cultural hit and damned earworm, “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone, was the lead singer in San Francisco Bay Area Country-Rock band Clover, the band on Elvis Costello’s famed album, “My Aim Is True”, whose other members included Huey Lewis and Sean Hopper (Huey Lewis and the News), John McFee ( Doobie Brothers), and Johnny Ciambotti (Lucinda Williams). Clover made four albums for Fantasy Records and Phonogram/ Mercury and toured with a who’s who of headliners from Fleetwood Mac to Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Graham parker and the Rumour, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Credence Clearwater, Little Feat, The Doobie Bros, Sons of Champlain, Tower of Power, Big Bother and the Holding Company, Leon Russell, Steve Miller, Rush, and so on. Clover was brought to England in the 70’s by Nick Lowe and the Stiff Records’ management. Alex was also a solo artist on Arista Records, releasing one album in 1983 on which his graphic single, “Just Another Saturday Night”, about drive-by shootings, revealed Alex’s personal drive for social commentary. Elvis Costello just recorded Alex’s Clover song, Mr. Moon, for an upcoming Clover retrospective album.


Alex also wrote or co-wrote the hit singles, Power of Love and Perfect World for Huey Lewis and the News, Little Too Late by Pat Benatar, Just Take My heart When You Go by Mr Big, and New Romeo by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes. Alex fronted his own bands from New Daddy, The Love Dogs, Alex Call & Real Life, and a collaborative effort, The Bulls, all of which had a good following in his Bay Area. His bands have reflected his love of American music, from full blown country, to bluegrass, to full horn sections, B3’s, and always a presence of Telecasters and Strats.  Lorin Rowan is a longtime colleague and alumni of Alex Call bands.

Alex moved to Nashville in the 90’s and played and wrote with many big names and further honed his songwriting skills. He found he was not really cut out culturally for the commercial country writing scene and moved to writing books for a few years, including his biography, “867-5309, the song the saved me” and a really funny take on the Music Biz and American culture, Second Childhood, available on Amazon. He has returned to his music roots as a basic rock and roll band guy influenced since childhood by blues, country, bluegrass, Dylan, and Chuck Berry. 

“I’m a one-man band, writing and recording the music that my heart, hands, and voice give me every day. My favorite band is an acoustic guitar, a Tele, B3, mandolin, harmonica, bass and drums. I love quirky instruments; I just got a 10-string Puerto Rican Cuatro and am learning violin and my father’s old accordion. I’m old enough to have been directly influenced by the same 50’s and early 60’s music that my musical peers grew up with: Ray Charles, Hank Williams, Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Jim and Jesse, Bob Dylan, and Chuck Berry, so many others, with a little Ventures, Kinks, Zombies, Stones, Band, Byrds, and Beatles thrown in. I have for decades traveled America extensively by car for recreation and self-education; a lot of dirt roads to nowhere. I love the land and celebrate its varying cultures, even the darker sides of them. I try to speak to the injustice, inequity, and the enduring power of hope that are all intertwined in the American experience. We are on a journey to an unknown destiny in America. I want to explore that musically. We grow from our roots upward. That is what American Road is about.”

Lorin Rowan

Lorin Rowan



Lorin Rowan, originally from Massachusetts, but for many years a Northern Californian, is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, tv & film scorer, who has toured internationally with his brothers’ Peter & Chris as The Rowan Brothers as well as solo. His songs have been recorded by major artists; “Soldier of the Cross” is the title track of Ricky Skaggs Grammy winning Gospel/Bluegrass CD; “Gold” sung by Marty Balin/Jefferson Airplane. His original music is also heard on TV; NCIS, The Young & Restless, Sons of Anarchy, and film Ed Hardy: Tattoo You. He has played and performed with a wide variety of virtuoso musicians from Bonnie Raitt, Levon Helm, Jerry Garcia, Little Feat, Jim Keltner, Steve Cropper, Phil Lesh, Steve Miller, Santana, Huey Lewis & The News, , Bill Kreutzman, , and Clarence Clemmons

Buddy Woodward

Buddy Woodward



Americana music veteran Buddy Woodward is an award-winning songwriter, singer, band leader, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and studio musician with over 25 years experience as a touring and recording professional with numerous albums to his credit, as well as Top 10 hits on Bluegrass and Americana radio.

Woodward was a founding member of seminal 90’s band The Ghost Rockets, and NYC honky-tonkers Buddy Woodward & The Nitro Express. He was a featured musician in the long-running Alphabet City Opry, as well as having worked with well-known artists such as Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Laura Cantrell, Jim Lauderdale, Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, The Coal Porters, Pete Mancini, and Hayes Carll, among many others.

In 2003 Buddy co-founded The Dixie Bee-Liners, known throughout the U.S. and beyond both for their original material and onstage chemistry. Combining bluegrass and old-time mountain music with folk-rock, blues and power pop, the band created a sound “…steeped in tradition, but with tones and rhythms that are very 21st century” [Village Voice]. The Dixie Bee-Liners released two hit albums, RIPE and Susanville on Pinecastle Records, and toured both nationally and internationally for nearly a decade.

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American Road is songwriters and players and who have been down that long and varied road for enough time to have gathered a lot of intimacy with the roots of American music . We are veterans of early rock and roll, survivors of the 60's, explorers of different genres, and members of more than a couple of wonderful and successful bands. We have many major label albums  and several big hits as songwriters, including 867-53409, Perfect World, Soldiers of the Cross, Little Too Late, I'm Funky But I'm Clean, and  Little Blue Sky, and countless others. Alex Call was lead singer of the San Francisco country rock band Clover, who backed Elvis Costello's "My Aim Is True", Lorin Rowan is a member of the Rowan Brothers, Jack O'Hara was in pub-rock legends Eggs Over Easy, Buddy Woodward was a mainstay of the Dixie BeeLiners. We are all multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, and producers.. Our coming together is about the melding of the music we have played our whole lives in a way that takes us all down the American Road. 


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